Does Australia take SAT scores?

Having standardised tests which are accepted internationally is a great system for bringing countries’ academic disciplines together. But it can also create a lot of confusion when it isn’t yet accepted everywhere—so does Australia take SAT scores?

Australian universities do accept SAT scores for admissions. However, a SAT score isn’t required by all universities or from all students. For US applicants, or international graduates of US schools, SAT is usually required. Each university has its own SAT score minimum requirements.

SAT scores are an important part of the university applications and admissions process in Australia, but only for certain students. If you have a solid SAT score, then it may well be your ticket to studying in Australia.

Is SAT accepted in Australia?

Is Sat accepted in Australia?

SAT is accepted in Australia by most universities. If you are a student from the United States looking to study at an Australian college, then your SAT score will almost certainly be a big part of the application process and admissions. Since it is a standard, internationally recognised test, Australian universities trust it as a fair judge of your academic ability.

There are some requirements on those SAT scores, depending on the university. For example, the University of Melbourne will only accept SAT results from the last two years. You would have to take it again if your test was not recent enough.  

Which universities look at your SAT score?

Which universities in Australia consider SAT score?

The majority of Australian universities consider SAT scores including Monash University, Melbourne University, the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University. Any big university with the traditional choice of courses will likely consider SAT scores for any applicants coming from the US or internationally. Otherwise, they could accept an approved associateship from a community or junior college.

Specialized schools and disciplines might not accept SAT scores. This could include things like medicine and dentistry. They could have you take their own entry exam. But your SAT score may still be an important factor in your overall application. This will vary a lot more between these universities.

SAT scores for Australian universities

If you want to know what SAT score you need for Australian universities you need to check it against the specific discipline that you plan to study. Different Australian universities will have different SAT scores for their courses. More prestigious universities will expect higher results.

does sydney university accept sat scores?

The University of Melbourne is one of the most well regarded universities in Australia. To enrol in a Bachelor of Arts or Design program at Melbourne, you would need a SAT score of 1389. Their requirements are all somewhere in this ball park, ranging from 1193 for Bachelor of Agriculture up to 1430 for Bachelor of Biomedicine.

Other universities have a basic minimum score you’ll need to be considered for any course. The Australian National University requires a minimum score of 1250. Some might simply require completion of the SAT at a “competitive standard”, like the University of Technology Sydney. However, as mentioned previously, specialised schools and disciplines within these universities are unlikely to accept SAT scores alone to enter into medicine.

Can you take the SAT exam in Australia?

You can take the SAT exam in Australia as there is at least one SAT centre in every Australian state. The exams are run all year by the College Board organisation. Whenever best suits you, there will be a time and a place to take your SAT in Australia.

You can usually take a digital SAT for free, and you’ll get your results a couple of months later. If you want to take the SAT physically, there may be a charge. This is usually around $150 AUD. For the popular exam sites, like test sites in Melbourne, places can fill up quite quickly. It’s good to be registered well in advance.

Is SAT accepted in all countries?

SAT is not accepted in all countries but it is very widely accepted, especially across English speaking countries. Since it is an English test, it is mostly used in English speaking countries. Countries where academic courses are often taught in English will also accept SAT.

Even in countries where courses are not taught in English, some universities may accept SAT where others don’t. Universities are usually self-governing in this way. They aren’t often regulated by their government to require a certain qualification from applicants.

Many countries might accept it, but this isn’t the same as requiring it.

In which countries SAT is not required?

Many countries do not require SAT such as Australia, UK, France, Germany Taiwan, India and Hong Kong. Whether or not SAT is required usually depends more on where you’re coming from rather than on the country or school. If you are an international student from the US, you’re more likely to need to show a SAT score as part of the admission process.

Otherwise, equivalent diplomas from your country of origin will be considered. SAT is only ever really required for US students.

What countries recognize SAT?

Outside of the USA, the main countries which recognize SAT are the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada, and Malaysia. Many countries recognize SAT results, even those which don’t require them as part of their basic prerequisites. Colleges across the world recognize the SAT. The USA currently boasts over 4,000 colleges and institutions accepting the SAT.

Very few countries outright do not recognize the SAT. Some places, like Cameroon, Jordan, Nepal, and Nigeria will always require additional qualifications or tests on top of the SAT. But they will still see the SAT as an important record of your academic ability.

It’s probably easiest to just assume any given country will recognize the SAT. You can then look up the college you want to apply to, and see whether they require anything else besides. In all likelihood, any international university will recognize the SAT.